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we are feeling strong winds, we are not down. another one is already on the way. good morning on this tough friday thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric tom has. we have live team coverage of the storm. kira klapper is live in los gatos. katie marzullo is in mill valley. >> let's begin with meteorologist mike nicco. the big story now is the flooding takes place in petaluma due to penngrove stream exceeding its banks green goes from old adobe road down to 101 out to 116 that's where we are having the flooding. please be careful if you live near penngrove stream it is exit banks. strongest radar return around bodega avenue and skillman lane where they come together going to slide across the heart of petaluma over the
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next five to 10 minutes and keep adding to the rainfall. the good news is as we look back up stream to the authority and west not seeing solid line of heavier rain, cold front moving through petaluma that's why you are getting lighter to moderate rain now. ahead of it you can see a nice swath of moderate rain moving through the bay area that's why we are getting ponding on the roads now and the winds are fastest now. we'll have our heaviest winds and our fastest winds and heaviest rain now still have waves of showers throughout the afternoon. very treacherous driving conditions. slow it down and use extra caution. video from earlier this morning of really heavy rain coming across the bay bridge with high winds sign advising to you slow down that's the best advice we have the new span to the right westbound direction before the tunnel rain is just a big problem
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this morning, flooding on the roadways and high winds back to several accidents that we have "sig alert" westbound 580 involving a big rig blocking all lanes early enough traffic is getting by, chp as a crew on the way expecting at least another half hour. first reports of another big rig accident at greenville westbound up towards woodside, 84 closed due to downed power lines between grand view and highway 35 north 101 flooding into petaluma area several problems with an accident near petaluma boulevard north peninsula very slow due to accident before whipple all of these accidents due to flooding in lanes. slow it down folks. from power outages to dangerous driving to flood warnings south bay to the santa cruz mountains all being hit hard by this storm. kira klapper joins us live
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from los gatos many. -- >> reporter: luckily for my photographer the camera has to turn against the rain so it is hitting my photographer's back coming straight at my face, so windy here along highway 17 we have video from an hour and a half ago higher up the summit from where we are standing, a tree fell near summit road there are signs warnings drivers to reduce speeds. from standing along 17 now, it doesn't appear they are slowing down. of course, people who drive through the santa cruz mountains everyday now the roads well there's a lot of standing water, runoff causing dangerous conditions people can hydroplane this morning, we hope that it is friday, great day for most people, the last day of the workweek. we hope that you do plan ahead,
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spend extra time on the road driving more slowly on your way out today. hopefully you are able to get to work okay we have reports of 4,000 outages within santa rosa county. more than 1100 outages in lexington hills. nearly 2,000 outages in saratoga those have gone down a bit. 500 in los gatos, 200 in san jose. kira klapper, abc7 news. our team coverage continues in the north bay now experiencing flood warning in the petaluma area to go along with the downed trees and power outages and treacherous roads. katie marzullo is live in mill valley. >> reporter: the rain is coming down like a wall of water. it gets worse when you see it going sideways like this, that's when it hits you.
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storm damage miller avenue at camino alto, near the safeway, you can see this large tree snapped at the roots. good news is the road is clear, you can see cleanup work has been done some of the branches stacked neatly on the sidewalk, logs have been cut into smaller pieces it is a mess there's debris everywhere and the few cars we've seen coming through have taken note and slowed way down as they maneuver between all this debris. when we drove across the golden gate bridge in morning that was a treacherous one really windy the rain coming down you can see the water moving sideways across the astronaut fault we -- across the asphalt we were the only vehicle on the bridge once the traffic gets flowing people
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will really need to take caution on the bridge it feels worse than it does here on land. power outages for this area, marin county only, more than 4500 customers without power that is due to 50 7 separate power outages. -- due to 57 separate power outages. almost 20,000 people in the bay area without power now. this morning, 4900 of them on the peninsula waking up in the dark. pg&e says more than a dozen outages in -- in san bruno apecking more than 3800 customers, flooding is always may injure concern in petaluma were were just mentioning that -- major concern in petaluma many businesses suffered heavy damage during the new year's flood of 2005. to prepare for this weekend employees set up makeshift walls lined with plastic the
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walls are sealed with more than 50 sandbags if it doesn't hold they have pumps. in marin county,ltcj merchants downtown san anselmo concerned about the rain stores are lined with sandbags big concern is what the impact will be if it comes down as heavy as expected. downtown area was heavy flooded seven years ago. homeowners in san francisco are concerned about large old trees that could be a threat in the storm. those fallen trees can cause serious property damage even injuries. this came down in the bernal heights neighborhood yesterday. residents and city officials have been at odds over how to deal with old, sick trees with the city budget that has cut the number of inspectors for the entire city down to three. mike watching things closely. can you tell us more about --
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the flood warning in effect until 6:15 accumulating effect of all the streets and roads draining into the stream will keep it rising until 6:15, penngrove stream right now overflowing its banks and causing flooding this whole area in green which is most of the petaluma this morning best radar returns are around corona road up to old adobe mcdowell, stony point road along 101 must be a nightmare there because you are getting ponding on the roads from the heavier rain. the good news is you can see a little break to the west cold front moving through the heart of the bay now, that's why you see this line here from about davis down 80 into san francisco, points about 50 miles east where the green is moderate to heavy rain now that is out ahead of the cold front we are getting the worst
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of it right now if you are heading out. winds have calmed a little, still gusting over 30 in oakland, hayward, livermore, fairfield, 49 sfo, we have a airport weather warning until this evening because of the gusty winds and the rain imagine trying to land in 49 pile per hour wind gusts at sfo? scary. we'll keep an eye on that and see if there is going to be delays. fastest winds showers at noon, more scattered showers 4:00 through the evening keep the wet weather gear with you, on and off showers tomorrow another bout of heavy stormy conditions sunday morning. a brief break monday. just to show you how dangerous this is, we'll take to you san jose, just happened north 87 you can see multi-car accident on the lanes behind these trees i can see blinking lights with emergency crews
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only one lane getting by with traffic in the northbound direction on the right lane as you can see right here multi cars that's the only lane getting by, chp just went by southbound there guess a truck, that's a multi-multi-car accident northbound 87 avoid the area if possible chp letting some of the traffic go really dangerous conditions out there give yourself plenty of time and lots of slow speeds windshield wipers of course majorly needed "sig alert" with big rig accident westbound 580 at 680 still out there, crews on scene they estimated by 5:30 we'll check back and see. reports of another big rig off embankment at north greenville, take bart if you can this is going to be a major commute problem westbound 580 most of the morning. north 101 whipple standing water then accident in the left lane eastbound 80 tennessee accident caused by
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standing water in the left lane. two accidents in san francisco both due to standing water and flooding north 101 at third new accident northbound 280 at ocean avenue. slow it down folks, stay home you can, use mass transit, the roads are really dangerous this morning. 5:11. next holiday toy danger coming from overseas. the new alert now going out to parents. rescue off the coast of mexico. the bay area help to save an injured cargo ship worker. we are tracking the storm on live doppler, showing you know rain across the bay area, some of it is moderately heavy depending on where you are. we have thousands of power outages especially napa and saratoga area. we'll check that as well. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the up to the minute esei
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stormy friday 5:15 thanks for joining us, live picture of the golden gate bridge traffic looking good, it is wet, very windy, no accident on this span sue is tracking many accidents now she wants to pass on a new update northbound 87 accident involving many cars in
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san jose, two lanes getting by. she will keep us posted. merchant seaman who suffered serious head injury 300 miles often the coast of mexico was able if get treatment at a san diego hospital thanks to quick work by the 129th rescue wing of the california air national guard based at moffett field that is video of the rescue. you can see him hoisted up by the orange gurney on a rescue helicopter. he was pulled off his vessel, put on a cargo plane to san diego where he was treated at a local trauma center. federal authorities have a big warning for parents this holiday season. be careful about the toys you buy. this year customs officials and consumer products have blocked dangerous toys from hitting store shelves, some had electrical or choking hazards others had sharp edges, officers tested a shipment of
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toys for lead contaminations. >> it says fail showing a high content of lead in these rubber tires that is something that children could ingest than would be harmful to their development. >> coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00, the red flags, what parents need to know. this morning the operators of two smoke shops in the east bay are facing charges for selling illegal synthetic drugs. uncover officers in fremont say they bought spice with bath salts in a two week sting operation. the owner and the manager have been charged in connection with the sale. the illegal drugs have a street value of more than $25,000. stormy weather complicating efforts to repair runway lights in burbank county, two have been out since wednesday night.
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half a dozen flights from bay area to burbank were delayed last night jetblue, alaska, southwest and united all cancelled flights. 5:17. mike has been checking live doppler 7 hd we see where the rain is. >> pretty much everywhere. embarcadero where we've had rainfall of quarter inch an hour since i've been here 3:00 this morning, you can see why it looks a little riverish, if not a little like a stream rain is rolling through, winds, here's one of our stronger storms along the coast now, it is going to head towards north fair s in 16 minutes, stanford 19, menlo park -- 20 minutes, east palo alto 20 to minutes one of our stronger returns now headed for the peninsula. we still have flash flood warning for sonoma county
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specifically, petaluma right there in the middle, penngrove stream is flooding right now. if you live near that please take precautions if you can. it is going to continue to be that way for another hour or so strongest radar returns are south of 80 moving through the heart of the bay we just had one strong storm move around moraga road, now crossed over 680 from alamo, stone valley road to the north gate entrance into mount diablo into danville and san ramon now that is going to be heavier rain there. this very large circulation is reason why even though we'll have the heaviest and steadiest rain this morning, still scattered showers throughout today, tomorrow until this next storm moves in sunday with more rain and thunderstorms possible. 7:00 you can see the front ever so slowly moving through the bay area heaviest rain in the south bay, out towards
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tracy through the latter parts of the morning commute. still scattered showers through noon and then the rain will taper to more lighter showers breezes drop down during the afternoon even during the overnight hours and through tomorrow morning we still have scattered showers tomorrow afternoon more scattered showers due to this moist flow and then sunday morning you can see the next front coming in that will have a chance of thunderstorms, heavy rain even more flooding and probably more trees down as the ground will be so saturated by that time it can't hold some of these trees. this is storm two. storm three could be worse it will be the last one sunday morning. monday, tuesday, dry. tuesday night into wednesday next chance of rain, nothing like this. be careful out there. very dangerous, condition in hand jose they were able to drive a -- in san jose they were able to drive cars away,
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north 87 solo spin-out into that guardrail, it is very wet and rainy only two lanes getting by northbound directions getting by, it is backed up north 87 san jose, standing water the culprit for a lot of the problems this morning and heavy winds. dublin interchange big rig still there, all lanes blocked slow traffic connector ramp is how cars are getting around this accident cleanup crews on scene waiting to see what stage this is in take bart if you travel westbound 580 that is going to be a nasty drive many. north 101 railroad avenue cotati grade "sig alert". woodside "sig alert" due to downed power lines northbound 101 before whipple standing water accident on left lane eastbound 80 tennessee standing water accident left
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lane good news in san francisco earlier accident north 101 at third cleared still an accident north 280 at ocean avenue. one more, northbound 880 at 23rd with an accident, injuries involved in the right lane. 5:21. >> starbucks is helping mark tomorrow's world aids day. how you can make a donation while enjoying your favorite drink. >> a police officer's generosity goes viral. hear why he plans to keep the receipt of a special gift he gave, forever. >> another live look at live doppler 7 hd showing rain in the bay area pervasive, mike just saying that walnut creek, danville that area getting heaviest rain now a lot more to come and wind gusts are strong we'll have the latest with m
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good morning. welcome back. notice something different back there? >> the lights just went out literally. even the red flashing light at the top we normally season there >> that's for aircraft. you can't see that or the lights on the span. we don't know if that is a power outage we will check and find out for you. >> we have at least 20,000
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households without power now in the bay area. strongest part of the storm moving through gusts over or more than 50 miles per hour at sfo when you hit that flat bay will continue to speed through that's probably what caused the power outage on the bay bridge some of those gusty winds still 49 to 50 knife miles per hour. if you are travel -- 55 miles per hour, if you are -- one-two punch trying to travel this morning. flash flood warning in sonoma, specifically petaluma for penngrove stream spilling out of its banks watch out there is going to be flooding until 6:15. strongest part of the storm moving through the bay area now moderate to heavy rain, ponding on the roadways, more
5:26 am
flash flooding likely maybe a few more trees down. if you are trying to escape it today you have to head almost to san diego as you head up into the high country, you are going to run into snow, a very high elevation snow today, tahoe at lake level, rain 45°. san jose live shot of 87 northbound past hp pavillion, still two right lanes blocked, culprit solo spin-out on the back of the tow truck hoping that is going to be driving away shortly. we can't see the back-up only two lanes getting by. northbound 87 is very, very slow. good news that accident getting cleared. the dublin pleasanton interchange big rig blocking all lanes there westbound due to accident also fuel spill crews are trying to get that cleaned up bart your best idea there for commuting westbound 580 westbound direction mudslide in cotati grade is
5:27 am
cleared accident peninsula north 101 before whipple eastbound 80 vallejo at tennessee accident+u blocking left lane two problems oakland northbound 880 at 23rd injury accident northbound at high with stall in lane three that commute is a rough one northbound 680 first reports of an accident there with flooding and ponding northbound 680 at olympic. standing water the culprit as are the high winds take it easy folks. starbucks and appear pep are -- starbucks and apple are joining us forces on world aids day to help fight disease for every handcrafted drink it sells tomorrow, starbucks will give five cents to the global fund of the red foundation, partnering with apple by offering $30 itunes gift card online, 5% of those proceeds will be donated to red.
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we are hearing about a new york city policeman whose act of kindness has gone viral he gave a hopeless man shoes in times square, that he bought himself because the man had no shoes. a picture tan by a tourist has been seen around the world. -- >> couldn't believe it, he was like this is too much officer, god bless you and be safe, it was almost like you gave him a million dollars. >> he says he is shocked by the attention. he says he keeps the receipt for the boots in his vest as a reminder of just how tough some people have it. he went into the shoe store to buy them, they gave him the employee discount so he saved 25% on the boots. >> inspiring to so many people. 5:29. the bay area is wet thi3k( morning. you can see the lights are out on the bay bridge. we are getting reports that
5:29 am
the lights are also out on the san mateo bridge. with strong gusts perhaps not surprising. we got the winds here's a live look from los gatos rain is coming down hard, you can tell it is windy. >> that means the possibility of downed trees and hydroplaning on the roads and power outages. hardest hit cities, napa, saratoga, san rafael, san bruno live team coverage on the storm, coming up. another look at the bay bridge weird to see it without lights only headlights illuminating that span. be careful make was talking about the gusts, winds hit you from the side. >> with the ponding on the road with the hydroplaning it could be a little
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pounding rain, gusty winds, look at the bay bridge, the lights are out we are checking to see if this is weather-related, there are thousands of power outages all over the bay area as this major storm blows through the bay area this morning, causing major problems. i'm eric thomas. i'm kristen sze let's get latest from mike. winds gusting around 50 to 55 miles per hour across the bay no friction, nothing to slow the wind down, that's why we are having the issues with the wind there is that could have helped create the outages we are seeing on some of our east to west facing bridges because we have a southerly wind running perpendicular. watching penngrove stream, flash flood warning because of that for petaluma until 6:15.
5:33 am
hayward as you come off the san mateo bridge into that area stronger storms around the santa cruz mountains also entire system moving east getting slight break back around the north bay rest of us we have to deal with this for another hour or two. we saw bay bridge lights out reports that the rich manned san rafael bridge lights out live shot of the san mateo bridge reports that lights were out here we see some lights are on maybe a partial outage at the san mateo bridge, traffic flowing nicely, no major problems here be forewarned those bridges get very windy and wet slick roads. bart don't have opening time dublin interchange peninsula accident still at whipple northbound 101 flooding
5:34 am
accident eastbound 80 tennessee vallejo two accidents on nimitz north 880, 23rd pardon me 880 high stall in the middle lane slow traffic all the way around north 680 at red gear accident left lane injuries as well. it is a mess now you can see behind me the bay bridge without power, same for richmond san rafael bridge across the bay area 20,000 people are without power right now let's go back to kira klapper live in los gatos. >> reporter: it is coming down hard, i just have to say this has to be one of those mornings you are so glad you are in a dry studio the wind is picking up in the santa cruz mountains, rain is coming down so hard, i mean it has not stopped, it is unreleaning this morning. the traffic is picking -- unrelenting this morning. the traffic is picking up,
5:35 am
people are hitting the roads, going to work, there's a lot of standing water, standing runoff from our advantage point here at the lexington reservoir, off 17, it does not appear that people are taking heed there are signs along 17 this morning, warning drivers to reduce their speed from our point of view, it doesn't look like they are. hopefully, people will be cautious as the traffic picks up, more people are on the roads, hopefully, you can afford time to leave your home early enough to give yourself time to slow down this morning as you head into work or school. for now it is getting more windy, more rainy standing out here it is becoming a drenching, bone-chilling rain. live in los gatos, kira klapper, abc7 news. 5:36. this morning thousands of people around the bay area are waking up without electricity.
5:36 am
pg&e says, more than 4500 customers are affected buy-out tajes in marin county. more than four -- 4300 are without electricity in san mateo county, more than 2800 in napa community nearly 2500 customers don't have electricity in santa clara county. administrators with the santa rosa city school district are meeting with maintenance officials to decide whether to cancel clanses -- classes because of the weather. the board held a meeting last night to issue a warning about the potential foreclosing individual schools or district wide shutdown. they should decide within the hour whether conditions are safe. there will likely be flight delays later this morning at sfo. we just got word from the faa right now that those delays are running three hours 34 minutes for arrivals. heavy winds with the rain and low visibility slowed the air
5:37 am
traffic yesterday when it was much better, 73 flights then cancelled. for up toe,p the minute delays check out flight tracker on crews around the bay area are expecting a busy morning cleaning up downed trees. the rain not only saturates the ground it waters down trees making them more top heavy prone to toppling in the wind. we've been seeing several downed trees in the past two days. >> it is over saturation, old oak tree they are big once the water gets in the leaves the weight tips them over. >> in marin county crews chopped up a tree,. people living along the coast are bracing for pounding waves this morning. high surf advisory goes into effect along the san mateo
5:38 am
county coast at 9:00 this morning. it is already in effect in the north bay. this was the scene last night in pacifica the surf as been picking up all night this advisory is expected to last through most of the weekend. we just got word from the faa 3 1/2 hour arrival delays. >> airlines will start taking actions to mitigate, they will cancel flights and combine others in hopes of keeping it under three hours and 34 minutes. >> it can't be pleasant landing this morning at sfo. >> i imagine not, there is an airport warning through at least the morning hours because of gusty winds, fastest now through about the 10, 11:00 hour then showers and winds start to taper. but they will still be around during the afternoon. live doppler 7 hd you can see some of the strongest radar
5:39 am
returns, yellows, oranges that are punching through the area now, let's talk about that flood warning one more time in petaluma, it expires at 6:15 because we are still waiting for the reside wall moisture to congregate in the penngrove stream, radar return quiet now. we go to just to the east of berkeley heading up into orinda, lafayette, moraga where some of the heavier rains are now near the san pablo dam road in the east bay hills. to the north of 580 dublin, livermore, altamont, basco road, highland road, camino fast harrah all the way down to -- camino tassajara, all the way down getting pounded by heavier rain. 680 and 580 meet into the sunol grade, still getting healthy rain in the south bay. some of those winds gusting
5:40 am
faster than 35 miles per hour, father field, napa, oakland, hayward, -- livermore up to 49 sfo, 32 at half moon bay, 18 novato, only five at santa rosa because the front is starting to move through. the fastest winds and heaviest rains now through 10:00, showers for noon more scattered showers 4:00 and through your evening hours. san jose live shot of 87 northbound past hp pavillion, accident we thought one car was involved now once again another emergency crew on the scene there you can see traffic is just stopped there and maybe the far right lane possibly getting by but still major delays northbound 87 in san jose i would take 101 or perhaps 280 to get past that or 85. bay bridge toll, lights on the span are out, we are checking about metering lights they don't usually come on this time of the morning. they are not on.
5:41 am
we'll check to see if the power outage is apecking the metering lights traffic getting by wet, windy, southbound through san rafael, taillights towards lincoln we had an earlier multi-car crash cleared traffic moving well again, standing water, flooding by lucky drive, fairly typical, cortamadera creek at high tide always a problem area bottleneck there. bart on time, muni, caltrain, bart, great way to get around this accident at the dublin interchange traveling westbound 580 still big rig blocking all lanes with a fuel spill, bumper-to-bumper from the central valley up and over the altamont pass they are expecting that to be cleared soon. two problems with injury accident at 23rd, stall at high northbound 880. take extra time. 5:42 battle over gay marriage shifting from the ballot box to the u.s. supreme court. the major court debate that could have gays and lesbians
5:42 am
making wedding plans. 13-year-old bay area girl is sexually assaulted. the quick police action that led to three arrests. >> we are tracking the storm on live doppler, here's what it is showing us now. widespread rain across the bay area, high winds and trouble on the roads. meteorologist mike nicco will be bac
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5:45 on this wet and windy friday morning you are looking at a live picture from our rooftop camera of the bay bridge, it is there in the background but you are having a hard time seeing it because the lights are out there, also bridge getting reports that they are also out on the carquinez bridge. in addition to the winds and the rain that you will be fighting this morning, you will want to rely on headlights on these bridges. more coming up. mountain view police have three in custody in connection with a sexual assault on a 13-year-old girl. investigators say it happened here at either castro school or at joining park and playground. the girl was found wednesday night after they had gone drinking. >> located in the school or park area by a couple of
5:46 am
witnesses, intoxicated. they called the police and that's how everything started rolling. >> two -- two 17-year-old boys and a 20-year-old man are in custody. the 13-year-old girl is home with her family, after being checked out at a hospital. >> the fate of same-sex marriage in california could be decided at a closed door session of the u.s. supreme court today they will debate whether to let stand appeals court ruling declaring prop 8 unconstitutional. the voter approved ballot initiative banned same-sex marriage in california if the justices let the ruling stan same-sex marriage would be legalized within days. -- dean johnson says it won't set a precedent it could come this around download our app for iphone, android or the ipad all at >> not only is it dark on the
5:47 am
bay bridge now it is also wet. where is the rain heaviest now? >> creepy out there. right here we are looking at from our roof cam at the bay bridge showing darkness you expect it to be there such a prominent part of the bay area and our weather and our show every morning it is not there. go go bridge okay as far as lights go you can see -- golden gate bridge okay as far as the lights go you can see the rain. dublin, san ramon, you can see all heavy rain out there highland road to basco now out towards brentwood and oakley coming from tracy trying to cross the altamont pass treacherous not only because of the heavy rain but because the winds are gusting 35 to 45 miles per hour near alum rock right there clayton, story, south white to south king and
5:48 am
tully road where they come together we have the better radar returns cold front definitely see it there with the darker green moving through the east bay and south bay going to slow down as it moves through and so we are going to get training which is we are going to get several waves of showers across the same area which is the heart of the bay into the east bay and south bay over the next several hours, flooding will become more of an issue in those areas as the storms roll off towards the east that's been the case in the north bay why we had flooding in petaluma is because of the slow nature of this cold front when we still have that flash flood warning until 6:15 for mainly the petaluma area right there it is quiet other than light rain as we go around the east bay alamo starting to taper a little, 680, 24 corridor starting to taper a little because we have such a large circulation, we are
5:49 am
still going to have scattered showers this is like a moisture pump, and it is going to tap into tropical moisture and make this next storm sunday morning just as impressive, 7:00 you still see healthy rain east bay valleys into the south bay by 9:00, it gone, scattered showers developing behind it, all the way through the afternoon, into the evening hours and during the overnight hours. we'll get our next chance of heavy rain sunday. saturday, you are going to be dealing with scattered waves of showers throughout the daytime overnight and here you go, sunday morning about the same time frame as now our next best chance of heavy rain, four to eight inches north bay, three to five around the bay, one to three south bay, up to 10 inches in our mountains we are not out of this yet. power outage bay bridge partial outage san mateo bridge, richmond san rafael bridge and carquinez bridge this is metering lights at the
5:50 am
bay bridge, toll plaza, everything, dark no metering lights this morning just confirmed by the chp no metering lights due to power outage. san jose accident this is now also highway 87 northbound chp still on scene left lanes blocked traffic crawling getting by two right lanes northbound highway 87 in san jose, earlier accident in the clearing stages. san mateo bridge some of the lights are on, caltrans sign is working good news for san mateo bridge, heavy winds and heavy rain still there westbound 580 still a "sig alert" big rig blocking intech -- intersection of the dublin interchange bart great way to get around. a standstill from the central valley. in a few hour the missouri lottery will introduce us to one of the winners who will split the massive 579 million
5:51 am
dollars power ball it is not known who has the second ticket purchased in arizona this camera in maryland shows a man perhaps a construction worker, some believe could be the winner. the clerk and customers say the man showed them a ticket that did have all six winning numbers he said he bought his ticket in arizona. the winning ticket in missouri was purchased at the only gas station in the town of dearborn many believe a local man bought it. he looks happy. >> he did. he will be very popular if he won. >> next, health alert the warning about a popular drug
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welcome back many we are on storm watch, live doppler over last three hours waves of heavier rain, yellows, originals moving through the east and south bay now. -- wind advisory for the north bay until 7:00, santa cruz mountains east bay hills going to last until 11:00 gusts 50 to 55 miles per hour could get up to 70 at higher elevations
5:55 am
one of the reasons why we are dealing with thousands without power and some of our bridges also without power flash flood watch through the weekend for the north bay where we are going to get possibly four to eight inches of rain san francisco the coast down to the santa cruz mountains where we could get up to eight to 10 inches of rain there. don't forget, the surf is very rough until tomorrow morning we could get seas up to 19 feet and dangerous rip currents. power outages at the bay bridge, richmond san rafael and carquinez bridge, these are the metering lights below black, no metering lights this morning according to chp toll plaza is still taking your tolls, make no mistake about that. fastrak is working. power is out for most of the span, a little delay with cash paying folks, no issues there as far as traffic slow. san jose north 87 chp still on scene of an accident by hp pavillion, very slow only
5:56 am
right lane getting by. they still have lanes blocked due to earlier accident and "sig alert" still in effect big rig blocking all lanes west 580 at 680 crews trying to get that cleaned up. for now, still a "sig alert". maker of popular generic cholesterol drug is shutting down production because of tiny glass particles found in the pills, largest maker of generic version of lipitor is investigating how tiny bits of glass with got into their product the pills sell for 20% less than the name brand lipitor. next latest on the storm moving through the bay area now. mike is monitoring live doppler and he will have the latest on where the heaviest rain is headed. >> there are trees down, a lot of power outages including some of the bridges, treacherous roads across the bay area we'll have the latest on the storm's affects.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00 we are on storm watch, doppler tracking second storm to hit northern california in recent days this one packing a lot more rain and guess what? behind this one is another one on the way. good morning thanks for joining us on this friday, i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. breaking news, live look at the bay bridge, probably notice the lights are out, the upper deck, folks heading into san francisco headlights the only things providing light as the lights on the span are out. also metering lights at the toll plaza dark as well. lights also out at richmond san rafael bridge and

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